Friday, July 17, 2009

Time Off from the Financial Markets

I'm going on vacation for a week, so you will have to do without me for a bit. You know when you see Glenn Beck on TV explaining Goldman Sachs' and it relationships with regulators and government that it is time for us financial journalists to take a break. Actually we may all be taking enforced breaks in the future. If McGraw-Hill is selling the venerable Business Week for a dollar we are all in trouble. When I was at Platt's in London, the Business Week reporters were the Gods of the office. Us poor plebes reporting oil prices were holed up in little cubby spaces while they had suites. The Business Week ad salesmen were always traveling to exotic countries to take orders for advertisements - they didn't even have to try very hard to sell them. Every firm wanted to be in Business Week. Times change.
Meanwhile my book, Trust Me, is out to agents and I have my fingers crossed that writing financial thrillers is my next career move. Wish me luck.

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