Saturday, May 2, 2009

US Car Companies and Disaster Recovery

This is the last time you will see anything from me about the state of American car companies. I don't care about them - I have always thought that they built crap - and I don't live in the Midwest (nor will I). But this morning I heard a car 'expert' talking about how Ford and GM were restructuring themselves to be profitable at current demand levels. Which are pretty low. This incensed me. If they can be PROFITABLE at these levels, then why were they not prepared for the possibility of these levels? Disaster recover (business continuity is what they like to call it these days) is more than being able to use your computers after a hurricane strikes the office. It is about being prepared for ANYTHING from Swine flu to a bad economy. The fact that these firms were only prepared for business to improve and increase going forward shows that they really are not worth saving. The CEOs clearly had their heads up their collective jacksies. Buy Foreign Cars.

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